The TRUTH About Dry Skin

The TRUTH About Dry Skin

Dry skin is an incredibly common complaint, especially during the cold dry winter months. The first thing people do when their skin feels “dry” is slather on a moisturizer, only to have the skin feel just as dry or even DRIER as soon as the moisturizer is washed off. Why? Because dry skin isn’t a topical issue - it’s a metabolic issue.

Why moisturizers don’t work:
What most people experience as “dry skin” - that rough, scaly feeling skin - is actually HARD skin. Moisturizers simply soften the surface, alleviating the feeling of hardness, while doing nothing to address the underlying cause of dryness. Even the most expensive and perhaps efficacious moisturizers do little more than deposit a composite of wax, oil, glycerin, glycol emulsifier, water and preservatives to the skin surface barrier with a layer of goo which has little to do with skin “moisturization”.

The TRUTH is human skin should never be dry and the condition, which dermatologists call “xerosis” that affects millions of Americans, is more than a superficial inconvenience.

In the next post, we’ll review the actual cause of dry skin, so that you can treat the condition where it starts - with the metabolic system.

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